Wednesday, July 15, 2009

100 Things About Me

Here is the blogger’s right of passage, “100 Things About Me” (updated September 2013). Is there anything more narcissistic than a list about yourself? But it’s the first thing I look for when visiting a blog. So here it is…

1. I am a fourth generation San Diegan.
2. I lived in the same small suburb I was raised in till I was 38 years old.
3. In June 2010 my husband and I moved to Orlando, Florida due to job relocation.
4. I have one younger brother.
5. When I was a child a Doberman Pincer chased me down the street. I’m still terrified of them.
6. My parents divorced when I was 10 years old because of the demons my father could not defeat from the Vietnam War.
7. I did not see my father again till I was 25 years old.
8. I’m thankful everyday that he is back in my life and have no resentment, not one bit.
9. My husband and I were both employed at Carl’s Jr. when we were teenagers. It was the first time we met.
10. The second time was through a mutual friend over 10 years later.
11. It was love at first sight and the rest is history.
12. The first concert I ever went to was Culture Club.
13. I had a small business for 3 years that led to financial ruin by the time I was 26.
14. The most important decision I’ve ever made in my life is accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior.
15. I am a Star Wars purist. Han shot first.
16. I can eat authentic Mexican Food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Too bad there is none in Orlando.
17. I’m terrified of my mother dying.
18. I sleep best when the sheets are tucked in tight.
19. I am obsessed about having something stuck in my teeth.
20. Or having bad breath.
21. We took a 7 day cruise on the Mexican Riviera for our Honeymoon.
22. I have one estranged first cousin and as high maintenance as she would be, I wish she would come back.
23. I still have dreams about the pain I endured when I had braces.
24. I remember at least one dream every morning.
25. I’m an aggressive driver; I’m surprised I haven’t been in an accident.
26. My favorite colors are earthy shades of brown and green.
27. I have a natural ability to remember names of plants and the care they require.
28. My favorite are Geraniums.
29. I have sweaty feet. Have to wear foot powder every day.
30. I was published on Post Secret twice, one was a fake secret.
31. My great-grandmother had 13 brothers and sisters so I come from a HUGE family.
32. My friend and I took Auto Shop our senior year just to ditch school.
33. When I went from being a blonde to having darker hair, people started noticing the color of my eyes. My mom hates the darker hair.
34. My eyes are hazel.
35. I love getting a pedicure.
36. My husband hates when I ask for a sip of his soda, I can chug half of it in one sip.
37. I am a clean freak. I sometimes wonder if I suffer neurosis; my husband wanted to add that he doesn't wonder.
38. I have a tattoo on my hip.
39. My brother and I owned Padres baseball season tickets together before I was married.
40. I will not eat meat off a bone.
41. If I bite into gristle or tiny hard pieces that are in hot dogs or bologna, the meal is over for me.
42. I like singing old hymns in church. Victory in Jesus, Come Thou Fount and ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus are my favorite.
43. I cut my husband’s hair. I am not a hair stylist.
44. The first boyfriend I ever had is now gay.
45. He is the mutual friend that reintroduced my husband and me. He was in our wedding.
46. We went into debt paying for our wedding.
47. I have a bicep fetish.
48. I like the smell of tar.
49. The things I worry most about are things that have not even happened yet.
50. I got an iPhone on our 6th wedding anniversary and have been hopelessly addicted since then.
51. I love the study of eschatology.
52. I will listen to ANY kind of music EXCEPT country.
53. I love rap music but am a white girl to the core. I move like one too.
54. I wear “Cherry Blossom” spray by Bath and Body Works.
55. Not till I turned 39 did I start worrying about my skin. Now I'm obsessed.
56. I am hard of hearing but have a wicked sense of smell.
57. I will buy anything mint or pumpkin. Candle, lip gloss, muffins, anything.
58. I fell madly in love with my husband when we took a trip to Hearst Castle about 3 months into our relationship.
59. I like Twizzlers over Red Vines.
60. I read all the Judy Blume books when I was a kid. None of them held a candle to the first one I read, “Are you there God, it’s me Margaret”.
61. Joshua Tree National Park in California is our favorite place to camp. I wish I could grow a JT in our front yard.
62. If shopping were a career, I’d be at the top of my game.
63. I’m addicted to coffee.
64. Weak coffee sucks, it's best muddy.
65. I despise folding laundry.
66. I am hopelessly obsessed with the Game of Thrones book series, not to mention the TV show!
67. I gossip. I hate it but can’t seem to stop doing it.
68. I took golf lessons to improve my game on the Wii but then discovered I liked playing in real life!
69. Sadly, I haven't used my clubs since moving to Florida.
70. I still sign with my maiden name. It’s illegible. No one notices.
71. I pretend I am smart.
72. I’m still mourning the end of Harry Potter. It was a great series.
73. I'm irritated when people try comparing the Twilight series to Harry Potter.
74. I constantly wonder how life was before online banking, digital cameras and cell phones.
75. My husband and I quote “The Big Lebowski” and “Pulp Fiction” on a daily basis. I’m calmer than you are. That is a tasty burger.
76. Every year we try to see all the Best Picture nominations before the Oscar show.
77. In 2003, my husband and I sat in a movie theater for 11 hours to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy back to back to back.
78. If ever I begin to doubt God’s existence, I read Psalm 40.
79. It is a tradition to visit a Disney park at Christmastime.
80. We are a fake Christmas tree family.
81. Naps on a Sunday afternoon is a piece of Heaven.
82. After losing over 80 pounds, I've discovered a love of running.
83. I have a (inactive) level 80 Blood Elf Death Knight on World of Warcraft.
84. If my nose is cold, the rest of me is cold.
85. I am a horrible speller.
86. My car is a stick shift with no AC, no cd player and no payments. I'm the proud owner of a Ford Sports Trac with automatic transmission, AC, satellite radio and a big payment.
87. I stockpile/horde ziploc bags. Don’t ask me why.
88. My friend won an all-expense paid trip to Alaska and chose me to go with her!
89. The highlight of the trip was walking on a glacier.
90. I'm a list maker, got a list for everything.
91. I am an extrovert.
92. I love to play cards; pinochle, cribbage, gin, hearts, thirty-one.
93. I have oily skin.
94. My comfort food is Special K cereal not to be confused with my husband's nickname Special K.
95. I have a quirky skill of being able to identify famous voices.
96. I’m proud that I do not know what day my cycle is on. Knowing such things ran my life for too long.
97. I am a registered Republican but still have democrat blood running through my veins.
98. For someone who seeks compassion, I give very little of it back.
99. I try to be in bed by 10:00 PM.
100. I love to sing but can’t carry a tune to save my life.


Just Cowboy Boots said...

hahahahaha. i just re-read this. and some of them are the same for me. you may be my long lost relative. i'm thinking aunt. hehe. love you and your blog!

susan said...

Ahhh, again thanks for the laughs. I LOVED the (70. I still sign with my maiden name. It’s illegible. No one notices)

I am the same :D :D

I find it hard to change what I have been writing for 30 years