Thursday, August 27, 2009

I remember when...

You know what a sign of old age is? When you start sentences with "I remember when..."

Ahem. I remember when... MTV ruled the television when the parental units were not home. Today when I hear a song from the 80's, I vividly remember the video to that song. So when I was driving into work today and heard the song "Legs" by ZZ Top, I was instantly taken back to 1985 when I would have killed for any of the outfits the girls wore in this video. I don't even like ZZ Top, nor care for this song much but this video was on loop back in the day and I loved watching it!

Man this takes me back, kinda like Roller Scrapper's glue stick.

I remember when...
$3 bucks worth of gas was all I needed to get me and some friends down to the beach
my biggest worry of the day was not sweating in PE
Michael Jackson was not a freak
laying out was a part of my daily routine
I had to go the office to call my mom at work or use the nasty pay phones outside of the Old Gym
I could eat a giant cinnamon roll for breakfast every day and not gain a pound
it was cool to wear hot pink socks with a pair of flats
my boyfriend gave me his earring to signify we were "going out", just like in the movie The Breakfast Club

...all this because of some random song I heard on the radio this morning.


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RollerScrapper said...

I have to admit we did not get cable tv until I was 20, so I was not part of the MTV generation.

I do remember things like making a call on a pay phone, or being really worried about homework like that was the end of the world...boy was I wrong :)