Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stuff, clutter, rummage, junk.

property, as personal belongings or equipment; things. Worthless things or matter.

People, I've got too much stuhf. When I think of all the money that has been wasted on this stuhf I feel faint. I mean seriously, what was I thinking when I bought a tea set in the shape of Alice in Wonderland characters? It's ridiculous! And why do I feel that we need to keep a million canopy polls wrapped together with duct tape with no canopy? Or a broken beach chair? Or three tents and seven sleeping bags for a family of two?

Three and a half very short years ago the hubster and I lived in a ONE bedroom apartment. We now live in a 1400+ square foot house with a one-car garage and a 10x12 shed. Every single corner of my home has junk, the garage is NEVER free from clutter and the shed out back is filled! Where did it all come from? And in less than four years?

I am totally and unarguably overwhelmed with all our stuhf. If our house was engulfed by flames today it would be so easy for me to list the things I would mourn. My brain tells me to start with those things and chuck everything else but it's not that easy. Someday I might use that large wicker basket for something cute. Someday I might bake a pretty enough cake to display on a pedestal plate. Someday I might use all those moldy stale spices that sit perfectly in that spice rack. Someday it might be chic to once again serve punch from an ornate glass punch bowl. I mean, you don't know. And then what? All these things really happen and I'm out spending money on the stupid thing and 20 years from now I'll be taken over by the stuhf once again.

I think I need help.

The only thing that makes me feel better in this situation and it's not even nice, is I know people that have WAY more stuhf than me, that have lived in their home far longer than me and they literally have paths of stuhf in their home. Poor souls.

But I'm getting rid of it all. Even if we don't move, I've got to do something! If you live in the greater San Diego area, watch out... there is going to be an awesome garage sale coming your way. You might even spot THE tea set. Don't worry, if your a good friend I won't let you take it home so in 10 years time you are afflicted with the same indecision as me.



RollerScrapper said...

Dear Alison,
Please don't insult me with your hatred for your alice in wonderland stuff...I too have a mad hatter tea set that cost me 80 dollars. I was going to display it on my table, but I have too much crap on the table so in the box it stays...in my closet....I think I have a problem :) Is there a stuff hoarders anonymous we could join together?

Alison said...

LOL... maybe we should start have HA meetings, Horders Anonymous. :)

RollerScrapper said...

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am a hoarder...