Wednesday, November 18, 2009

13 OUT OF 54

Wow. Out of all 54 Hidden Mickey's we found 13.

At first when I read the list I thought, wow, they just tell you right where it is... where is the fun in that? Um ya, you STILL cannot find them even when they tell you where to look! Pammie asked if it stressed us out looking for them all and I would have to say no way. It was a blast and only made our trip to the Happiest Place on Earth all the better.

I must tell one story though. It was getting late and you could tell the day had worn on my mother so we decided it was time to head home but only after finding one.more.hidden.mickey. We were standing in front of It's A Small World so chose "It’s a Small World (holiday season – Mickey hidden on santa hat on clock face)".

The only problem is that there was a parade in about an hour but in Disneyland time it's like 5 minutes. I mean, they start blocking off huge sections of the road in preparation for the parade so we could not cross to get a good look at the clock face. We stood, hanging on the ropes, squinting at the hat not finding anything. So a cast member a.k.a a Disneyland employee, comes up and asks us what we are doing. We explain where the H.M. supposedly is and within a few seconds she spots it. She goes on to show my brother and mom who also see it right away. I, on the other hand, cannot see anything but white plastic pretending to be santa hat fur. So I squint and lean and squint some more. The cute little cast member starts to call over other cast members to show them her grand find. Of course, they see it, no problem. Now we have 5 cast members standing around, all trying to explain to me where it is. FINALLY, one of them suggests that I climb under the rope and cross over the street to get a better look. YEAH!

So I am escorted to the other side which put me right up against the Small World ride line. As I'm walking towards the line, everyone standing in that line is yelling at me and the cast member "What are you looking at?" "What are you trying to see?" and before I even have time to concentrate, everyone in the line begins looking and finds this stupid H.M.

Discouraged and ready to just call it a failure, I look one last time. Maybe it was a glare, maybe it was my cat-like ability to stare without blinking, I don't know, but I look up and there is was, that cotton-pickin Hidden Mickey just smiling at me, clear as day.

You would have thought I just saw George Clooney naked! I was jumping up and down, squealing with delight and then the cast member started jumping up and down with me! It was amazing! I walked across the road beaming. We could go home now.


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Connie R. said...

Great story, especially the George Clooney image -- ha!