Friday, November 13, 2009

Hidden Mickey's @ Disneyland

On Sunday, my mom, brother and I are taking a trip to Disneyland! For me, there is nothing better to get you in the Christmas spirit than Christmas at Disneyland. Seeing all the lights and decorated Douglas Furs, the Santa hats and hot cocoa, the familiar Christmas classics chiming through the park like an open jewelry box; it just makes you all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

In preparation for our visit, I downloaded the "Mouse Wait" app for my iPhone. Incredibly, it was FREE! The main usage is for ride wait times but it also comes with a gazillion other little easter eggs like food menus, IMing, passholder resources and a hidden Mickey checklist. So I've chosen a few hidden Mickey's for me and my 35 year old brother to find and to maximize my geekyness (I should get an award or something), I added a Hidden Mickey Photostream in the right column that I will use on Sunday to upload pictures of the Mickey's we have found. How fun is that?

So here is the list of Mickey's we will attempt to find:

Entrance Plaza
[X] Benches (Classic Mickey benches are scattered around the entrance plaza)
[ ] Street Lamps (gas-style street lamps are topped with Classic Mickeys)
[ ] Sign Post (sign posts bases are covered with Classic Mickey patterns)

Main Street, U.S.A.

[X] Disneyland Casting Agency Door (Hidden Mickeys in the door’s design)
[ ] Main Street Market House (buttons placed in a Mickey shape in window display)
[X] Main Street Fruit Cart (Hidden Mickey under the green iron fruit cart)
[ ] Penny Arcade (Stitch pressed quarter machine, Hidden Mickey stamped on machinery)


[ ] Peter Pan’s Flight (Hidden Mickey teddy bear paws, 2nd floor window, outer facade)
[ ] Pinocchio’s Daring Adventure (popcorn Mickey in the popcorn machine)
[ ] Snow White’s Scary Adventures (Hidden Mickey trees on wall when boarding)
[ ] Snow White’s Scary Adventures (three red gems in the jewel barrel)
[ ] Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (Toad statue in queue, left eye Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (faux pink stained glass Hidden Mickey)
[ ] King Arthur’s Carousel (three jewel Hidden Mickeys on Jingles)
[ ] Alice in Wonderland (painting the roses red paint splatter Mickey)
[ ] U.S. Mail Box (between drawbridge & Peter Pan’s Flight)
[X] It’s a Small World (holiday season – Mickey hidden on santa hat on clock face)
[ ] It’s a Small World (holiday season – holly berry Hidden Mickeys)
[X] It’s a Small World Light Show (holiday season – Hidden Mickey below clock face)

[X] Buzz Lightyear wall (planet Ska-densii)
[X] Buzz Lightyear wall (Green Planet – green swirl Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Buzz Lightyear wall (Mickey on orange Scrabble tiles in first room)
[ ] Space Mountain (speakers in the coaster cars form a Classic mickey)
[ ] Space Mountain (Hidden Mickey craters on the floating asteroid)
[ ] Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (Observation Outpost locker Hidden Mickey)

[ ] Jungle Cruise (cast iron frying pan Hidden Mickey aboard “Suwannee Lady”)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Mara Temple script – MM)
[ ] Indiana Jones (well cover hieroglyphs Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Eeyore parking sign above the queue in the projection room)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Hidden Mickey shadow on the wall in projection room)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Mickey Mouse Life Magazine cover in Indy’s office)
[X] Indiana Jones (Idol of Mara – cleft in upper lip & nostrils Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Bones, the skeleton, wearing personalized Mickey ears)
[ ] Indiana Jones (coiled cobra icon Hidden Mickey)

New Orleans Square
[X] Pirates of the Caribbean (shell Mickey on beach scene)
[X] Pirates of the Caribbean (treasure room treasure chest lock)
[X] Pirates of the Caribbean (fort wall)
[ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (Mickey decorated armor in last room)
[ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (treasure chest in Jack’s treasure room)
[ ] Blue Bayou (stained glass Classic Mickey in lobby)
[ ] Haunted Mansion (wallpaper in the haunted art gallery)
[X] Haunted Mansion (Classic Mickey arrangement of plates on ballroom table)
[ ] Haunted Mansion (Nightmare Before Xmas, seasonal – stained glass art)
[ ] Haunted Mansion (Nightmare Before Xmas, seasonal – snowdrift in ballroom)
[X] Haunted Mansion (Nightmare Before Xmas, seasonal – black plate place setting)

[ ] Golden Horseshoe stage vent (Hidden Mickey on center vent)
[ ] Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (three giant gears Hidden Mickey)

Critter Country
[ ] Splash Mountain (hand crank gears form a Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Splash Mountain (height requirement sign, knot Hidden Mickey)

[ ] Mickey’s House (various books feature Hidden Mickeys on their spines)
[ ] Mickey’s House (Hidden Mickeys in the player piano sheet music)
[ ] Mickey’s House (One Hidden Donald in the player piano sheet music)
[ ] Mickey’s House (holiday season – xmas tree with Mickey topper & ornaments)
[ ] Minnie’s House (holiday season – xmas tree with Minnie topper & ornaments)

That's 54 Hidden Mickey's to find, one for every year Disneyland has been in operation (extra credit for geekyness?). The question now is, will the battery in my phone last all day?


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