Thursday, November 12, 2009

IPhone enters stage left

I realized today that I spend three times as much time tinkering on my iPhone then it would take me to write one blog post. And this is on a daily basis! I have so many posts that run through my mind but find a million other things to do, mostly including Fling, no, not an online dating service, this really addicting puzzle game. I also downloaded the classic "a Christmas Carol" to read over the next... umm, wait a second, let me check my Christmas countdown app... ah yes, 43 days. I even waste my time seeing which urnial I would choose had I ever been left with such a decision as choosing a urinal.

If I am able to calendar my farmville harvest times or keep a grocery list categorized by store, barcode or aisle, I can surely become a better blogger because of this little handheld pc, right?


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