Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Project 365 Projects

So I have 365 pictures, now what?

There are some great projects out there for the crafty and geeky alike!

One of my favorites is the Shutterfly scrapbook. Picasa has the same thing but I'm plugging Shutterfly because I have actually used and received the scrapbook from them. If you were independently wealthy, you could make a book for each month! I suppose two six-month books or one year book would work too. I made a one year book and LOVE IT! Read about it here.

I also came across this Project 365 scrapbooking kit. It has everything you need to make a handmade Project 365 scrapbook.

For the more digitally inclined, purchase the Memories on TV software and create a movie slideshow! The software is totally affordable and easy to use. I have made everything from advertising promotions to our honeymoon dvd with the use of this software. Drop your Project 365 pictures in and literally watch your life right before your eyes.

Happy Creating!

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