Sunday, December 27, 2009

Project 365 - An Ambitious Undertaking

It all started with my cousin. At Christmas we began our normal routine of comparing newly downloaded apps for our iPhones. He stumbled upon "Project 365", an app that helps you take one photo a day. At the end of 365 days you will have a photo collection of your entire life of that year. Cool enough and free /download begin.

After much review, the simple app was trashed but the idea stayed. So I played with a ton of Flickr apps and found Flickit. But I think I'm getting ahead of myself. Ahem.

So I love the idea of taking a picture everyday and in the end having this photo record of my life. From the people I love to my ever changing hair style to the weather. I think it will be a great way for me to see over a long period of time the things that are important to me, good or bad.

I also love the idea of blogging but suck at it horribly. So that's when I began thinking of a way to execute Project 365 through my blog. I posted here how blogging should be easier with my iPhone and by golly, here is the way!

So, how will it be done?
First, I downloaded the Flickit App. This is a third party app that will simultaneously upload my photo to Flickr, my blog, Facebook and Twitter (if I choose to use). It allows me to create a Title and Description for the image as well as Flickr tags and the set I want to place it in. Within a few clicks I was able to sync it to all my accounts. How cool is that?

Why upload it to Flickr?
Flickr will allow me to keep all the photos organized in month to month sets. I will be able to add a link to the monthly photostreams easily to my blog sidebar. In fact, Blogspot has an Flickr photostream gadget that is simple to add.

When will I start?
January 1, 2010. That's 4 days away!

Here are some examples of a few Project 365 blogs I found:
Taylor McKnight
Parts N Pieces
A Year of Days

The only thing that worries me, besides the extreme commitment is that I'm loving the technical side to this project more than the project itself. Don't get me wrong, I am seriously hyped about taking everyday photos but the means to get the project done is blowing my mind. I'm really hoping that once the technical capabilities become old and boring, the spirit of the project will kick in and I will be able to complete it.

Anyone out there want to join me?


RollerScrapper said...

Cool idea, however I could never have the follow through for something like this!

Twink said...

don't know you.. found your blog by looking at another blog and another blog..... as they say.. only so many degrees of separation..
Anyway, I had to reply because we sound so much a like. In love with the gadetry.. I can't control myself when it comes to the new stuff.. I might just follow you on this journey and see how it plays out.
happy new year.