Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bitter Fishing

Bitter Fishing, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Today we fished. Hit snow falling from the sky driving in. Contemplated turning around because there was no way we were fishing in the pouring down snow no matter how nostalgic it would be. But we drove down in elevation so no snow at the lake.

Pulled the truck up beside the lake, temperature gage on the truck read 33 degrees. With every piece of winter gear we owned, a propane camping heater and an old man coffee thermos, we got on the boat and headed out to catch us some trout.

After 4 hours we returned to shore empty handed. We had a great time though! Got nasty smelling glitter yellow goo all over our hands, drank every last drop of piping hot old man thermos coffee, took a gazllion pictures including of course, pic of the day, attempted donuts in the water, warmed our frozen digits by the camping heater, said "I'm on a Boat" a million times, ate PB&J and prayed to Jesus to send us some fish.

Even though we didn't even catch a shiner, I would do it all over again! What an awesome day it has been!


PJ said...

It was a wonderful way to spend the day. Great fellowship, great prizes and great fish...yummm

Lindsey said...

I'm on a boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsey said...

And Pam...I must say the girl who handed out all of the prizes was pretty cute in her boots! hehe : )

Rev Roo said...

Yes, it was a fantastic day -- I think the Crooked Tiara gal was so funny. I think she needs to go fishing again, but she'd better start packing now. 2 funny!!!!!! What was it that the ranger said ... I quote "That is a first" after unpacking her boat...yes, she had a heater on the boat. Who does that???