Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Countdown Is On

The Countdown Is On, originally uploaded by A!ison.

This is my desk but it is not me. It was the New Girl On The Block's (NGOTB) first day and I shadowed her. She was quiet and attentive but not overwhelmed. I know the quietness will wear off and the overwhelming part might increase from season to season but I am so confident that she is going to make a difference in this office. I cannot wait to see the unknown she brings.

I was so excited about her arrival I could hardly sleep last night. I got to share about Project 365 so she knew I was going to snap a picture of her. She picked out which picture to post and also approved NGOTB. =) She is so pleasant and easy to teach that it makes me just as excited for tomorrow as I was for today.


Rev Roo said...

I agree ... NGOTB was doing a great job, two reasons...1, great teacher, 2, she is was very sweet.
Tomorrow will be a blast for you too!

Anonymous said...

You are indeed a great teacher; and will be able to share the true work experiences- good and not so good- just like you find in any business. She will never replace "Alison" but she will bring her own essence that will add to the Godly, harmonic blend in the office.

Lindsey said...

aww I can only imagine what a great teacher you are! glad you are excited!

Lindsey said...
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