Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Day With Pops

A Day With Pops, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Today I got to spend the whole day with my dad. Started with coffee and cinabon muffins. Decided to take a trip to Costco for some steaks and stopped at Cotijas for lunch. Watched movies, took a nap and learned how often he refuels ships on a shift at work. He grilled the steaks, Mom and Soft Soap Man joined us. Played a hand of 31, finished up the dishes and enjoyed some lemon cake for dessert. The weekend is just not enough time. I already miss him!!


Rev Roo said...

Oops... you almost missed your deadline ... glad you had fun with Pops!! I wanted to meet him, but I guess I did through your blog!

Lindsey said...

too cute! i love all his Chargers gear! was he upset they lost??