Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Peas and Carrots

Peas and Carrots, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Among other things, I have supported this purty girl for the past five years. We go together like The Dude and Walter, Lucy and Ethel, Forrest and Bubba. In the beginning she was a part of the job but over time she became my best good friend and even I know that ain't something you can find just around the corner.

I know her so well that I can tell in a flash what the day will be like. With a quick smile or a darting look, I know instantly how to handle a phone call or a visitor asking for her. I can read when I've pushed her too far or when she's ready to give in. We can debate with smiles and like the Wootman said, it's so common to see the physical posture we take with each other. It's unique and predictable but oh so easy to identify.

My favorite times with her are Friday mornings when the only souls around are just her and I and we can speak of secret things. We both detest crying, it's the ultimate form of weakness, but with secret things, tears cannot hide nor within good company be ashamed of.

She's my go-to girl when I need to say a bad word or complain about how much I hate WalMart. She'll play golf with me and pick up a few items at the commissary for me. Her shortbread is to die for and you if ever get a pan to yourself, you know you've made it to the friend's list. She's got the best sense of humor and will laugh at just about anything. She's one of the most down to earth people I know, with real problems and real faith.

I will miss seeing her face everyday.

Today's picture has been brought to you by NGOTB. I took it, she picked it.


RollerScrapper said...

Cool pic! Did the iphone do that or did you photoshop it?

motled said...

Wow. I love your writing style. There's something about that post that was magical.. I have something to tel you.. I'm falling in love with your blog!

motled said...

I can't believe I just misspelled "tell". ugh.

Rev Roo said...

Yes, I agree, very nice heart felt message written. And great pic :)