Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spin the Bottle & Wide Bellybuttons

Introducing a Crooked Tiara first... you must first read before seeing the illusive picture of the day. The reading part will explain.

Today was one of those days chalked full with cool little moments. So cool that when I was caught up with emotion or laughter or whatever, I didn't even think to snap a picture. By the time I thought about it the moment was long gone.

There is a little eskimo baby with close eyes and too much hair at our on-site preschool. Being the sweet and loving person I am, I refer to her as Uggie Baby. Her teacher, "The New Mrs. S" thinks she is the cutest baby ever and teases me that this poor baby will grow up with a complex because I call her that within ear range. Yes, I have a black heart.

Anyway, today The New Mrs. S brought Uggie Baby into my office with a sign hanging around her neck that said "I will miss you". It didn't stop there. Behind that sign was another that said "And I'm not ugly". And what happened then? Well, in Whoville they say that Alison's heart grew three sizes that day. (sigh. No picture of such a cool moment.)

For lunch the Wootman and Mrs. Bon Jovi (the preschool directors) bought me lunch. We talked of the ultimate geekout, Geocaching and played "Would You Rather" on my iPhone. Yes, I would rather have a bellybotton that sticks out 3 inches than one that is 3 inches wide (already got one of those, hehe). I played Spin the Bottle (iPhone app of course) with Megs and learned what a Car Rally is. I could have sat in that room all day and laughed with every person who sat in there with me.

Another bittersweet moment was turning in my keys for good. As happy as I am to be a Trophy wife, being keyless made everything real.

I could name a few others but the bottom line is I do not have one stinkin' picture that would even come close to capturing these events. Day 28 of Project 365 has failed. There is always tomorrow, right?

In this picture is my delicious free lunch, compliments of Wootman and Mrs. Bon Jovi. To my right is the Wootman, center NGOTB and next to her is my Carrot.


PJ said...

i love how you keep all others in your photos secure in their witness protection plan. keep up the great work...and never say fail, just taking a different perspective is all :}

Rev Roo said...

I was there at lunch too!! It was truly a fun moment...

Lindsey said...

I luv how we read the description first then the pic. Great story!