Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Tea photo, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Been ready and willing to spend a small fortune on more fabulous tea but with busy schedules, have not found the time... till this evening!

I recieved Teavana's steep pot as a gift and fell in love not only with the cool contraption but with their tea as well. I have been drinking their black "Weight To Go" tea for the past few weeks and have been dying to try a new one. OMG, I'm so excited!!!! I got the white "Avurvedic Chai" and the white "Spice of Life". I cannot WAIT to have some. I think I know what tomorrow's picture will be...

In today's picture you can see a cute blonde, the great friend who bought me the steep pot and who has been dreaming of owning her own since buying mine! Well tonight she is the proud owner of an amazing tea pot AND some pretty nice teas to boot!


Rev Roo said...

Wow!! You must be worth it and a VERY good and convienant friend to get such a rad gift like that...nice!
And ... pick me!!! I love the steep pot -- I highly recommend it and it is worth it!

Lindsey said...

Totally jealous of your amazing pics! Love them!

PJ said...

I have one of those...but where are you getting your tea???