Tuesday, February 23, 2010

8 Point Dinner

8 Point Dinner, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Flour Tortilla = 3 pts.
1/2 c. Egg Beaters = 1 pt.
Hashbrown patty = 3 pts.
Dollop of 2% cheese and fat-free sour cream = 1 pt.
Teaspoon of salsa = 0 pts.

I try to stay away from meat. However, I love a hamburger from In-N-Out, meatball sandwiches, my own prepared meatloaf, a turkey sandwich and burnt bacon, but only with a breakfast meal. Bacon on a sandwich or in soups or on a baked potato is just nasty. I'll eat a piece of chicken if I have to but it must be breast and no bone. I have just recently began eating fish because it doesn't come with all the gristle and fat that I loathe from meat but fish can still be fishy and therefore not my first choice. So because I am high maintenance when it comes to my meat, I just avoid it all together.

I love LOVE Trader Joes veggi burgers. The masala buger is my very favorite. I eat a ton of beans; refried, black, kidney, baked... I've never found a bean I didn't like. I love all vegetables so it would not be uncommon for me to just eat a bowl of sautéed zucchini or edemame for dinner.

My problem is grain. I love bread. That hot, fresh french bread they sell at the grocery store is crack. When I was a child my family nickname was "Pane" Baby which means bread in Italian. My mom tells a story that no matter where my parents went, as long as there was bread I was a perfectly behaved child.

Of course it goes beyond bread. I love cold cereal, donuts, pasta, cake, cookies, rice. When I was a teenager I would make myself a bowl of white rice every day. A little butter and salt and I was good to go. I cannot even walk past a donut shop. If bread is crack, donuts are heroin... strait up no will power what.so.ever when it comes to donuts. Want me to love you and hate you all at the same time? Bring me a pink box of donuts.

Tonight's meal was perfectly balanced for me. Had a good tortilla but not over the top unhealthy. I was totally satisfied.

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motled said...

Hey there, just saw this post and I LOVE it. :) Thanks for sharing.. Your iPhone takes such amazing photos.. and I love hearing about food; I could talk about food all day long. :D