Saturday, February 6, 2010

Glen Ivy Springs

Glen Ivy Springs, originally uploaded by A!ison.

In celebration of me quitting my job, we spent the entire day up at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. Here's a painful blow by blow.

7:15 AM Nine women arrive. We eat quiche, fresh fruit, hot tea and pumpkin loaves.

8:00 AM We drive an hour and half through heavy rain.

9:30 AM We arrive to meet our cabana-boy, Marcus. We are upgraded to the premium indoor cabana!

10:00 AM The rain falls heavily and we soak in mineral baths that smell like rotten eggs.

10:30 AM The-New-Mrs. S and I overheat so we race in the neighboring lap pool.

10:35 AM We pack smooth orange-ish clay all over our bodies. The rain still falls.

11:00 AM Most of the clay has hardened. We exfoliate and rinse.

11:30 AM Saline bath. 104 degrees of comfort.

12:00 PM The sun arrives! We chat in lounge chairs with sunglasses on. Marcus comes by and takes our lunch order.

12:30 PM Lunch. Veggi pizza, spring salad and a diet coke.

1:00 PM We sat and marveled how the solid black clouds coming over the mountain miraculously split over the resort. The sun was strong and it was good.

1:15 PM We warmed our tootsies in the salt water bath, overheated and moved to the 84 degree wadding pool foam blue-floaty and all.

1:30 PM Laughed until we cried watching my mom get on the blue floaty. She almost drowned in the one and a half foot pool.

2:00 PM The Grotto. Green moisturizing-rich slime painted all over our skin and 15 minutes in the suffocating steam room.

2:15 PM Warm refreshing shower.

2:30 PM Hot tea, cool apple and a drying room.

3:00 PM Dessert and strong coffee in the cabana. Thank you Marcus!

3:30 PM Everyone is quiet and eyes are heavy. I think it's time to go home.

4:00 PM Real showers with shampoo, conditioner and Glen Ivy shower gel.

4:15 PM No more wet bathing suit, comfortable dry clothes for the ride home.

4:30 PM A moment of panic. My travel purse is missing! After a triple check of my bags and the cabana I try the truck and there it is. Whew.

4:45 PM We thank Marcus and James (his assistant) with verbals and cash.

5:00 PM We head for the road but not without one more stop to Tom's Farms. Hot french bread, brie and blueberry cheese.

6:30 PM Finally home. All that relaxing has made me tired. I go to bed early.


PJ said...

Such a clever way to re-connect with friends, family and oneself

Anne said...

Ahhh, the life of a trophy wife!

Jennifer S. said...

Greetings from Glen Ivy! Looks like you all had a very full day! Thanks for sharing your experiences. We look forward to welcoming you back soon!