Monday, February 1, 2010

House Staging Pays Off Apparently

You are not going to believe what happened today but let preface this story by going back a few weeks.

We knew our house was going on the market so I called my good friend Roo to look at my house with fresh eyes and tell me what to change, whether it be moving furniture or thinning out the contents of shelves. Boy did she do a number on my house. After she was done I couldn't believe it was the same house!

Now, my husband enters stage left. He's (obviously) a guy and wants things square. Well, everything now sits angled, even the bathroom rug which after a long rant about how no one was going to buy this house because the bathroom rug was crooked, I moved it back to it's original square position.

Now it was the week of our first showing. I hid the World of Warcraft calendar that he snuck up on the wall after Roo's visit. I made the fresh cookies, pulled the giant weed growing by the front door, replaced the front door mat that smelt like cat spray with a new one and picked up the laundry that sat in the middle of the garage floor. My husband scoffed at every single one of these tasks. He said "Alison, these people are getting a good deal AND we live in the house therefore they will see laundry and weeds!!" At breakfast he ranted how a person was not going to buy our house because there was a World of Warcraft calendar hanging on the wall. True, true, but Roo and I explained that it was all those little things combined that made the house less... desirable.

Well, you are not going to believe the phone call I got this morning! It was one of the realtors that toured the house this weekend. She was calling to see if I would be interested in consulting other home owners in "home staging". She said that our house was the most beautifully decorated home she had seen in a very long time and that her client was putting an offer on our home this very day. Even funnier, it was mainly because of the way the home was decorated and its cleanliness. Hmm, really? Is this one of Roo's friends that she paid to call me to make a point to my husband? The realtor even went as so far to ask if I would be interested in taking a look at her own home! Seriously? She said that it's amazing how filthy and cluttery homes are and how that first impression vibe is a turnoff. People cannot see past bad paint colors, cluttered bookshelves and 1962 floral couches.

Needless to say I called Roo right away and told her that I found her some consulting work. =) And then of course, I called the hubster to gloat. We had a pretty good laugh. Irony is a funny thing. The last thing I told my husband was "I can't wait to blog about this." And so here you have it.



Anne said...

Well - all I have to say is WOW and most excellent!

Lindsey said...

om..goodness! no way!!! totally cool! and an offer...let me know details!