Friday, February 5, 2010

Loud Talkers

Loud Talkers, originally uploaded by A!ison.

You know how when you are repeating a conversation you had with someone to someone else... when you tell the part of the other person your voice goes up a few octaves?

You know when something is so shockingly funny, or worse, when you've had way to much too drink and someone says something that is mildly funny... you let out this burst of laughter that is as shocking as the joke or as obnoxious as the amount of alcohol you can consume in one night?

So our evening tonight was great. Friends picked us up for some out-of-this-world mexican food they swore by. Drove nearly to the border to get it. The conversation that began in the truck continued on into the restaurant. We were placed in a corner booth right next to the window. We could see the rain falling and ate hot salty chips and fresh guacamole. Our food arrived quickly and it was delicious. In case you are wondering I had a fish taco and cheese enchilada. Mmmm. The rain stopped just in time for us to walk back to the truck. Had a few more laughs on the way home, even took a ride around the block so we could engage in one last conversation for the night. Said our good-byes and now I sit here, full tummy typing to you dear reader.

This "perfect" night was riddled with interruptions by my photo of the day subject. She told story after story of all the discussions she has had over her entire life and her "other person voice" is this shrill that can only be summoned by Satan himself. A sound that left you covering your ears rocking back and forth begging for it to stop.

On top of that, her friends were apparently the funniest people on earth because she would belt out a laugh disguised as a gust of wind every 10 minutes or so. It was so obnoxious, it would literally stop our conversation.

So as we sat there "enjoying" our dinner, I remembered I needed a picture of the day. Folks, it wasn't hard to snap a picture with her mouth open. And that's all I have to say about that.


RollerScrapper said...

Lol! Sometimes I wonder if I'm a loud talker in a restaurant and if people are overhearing me disparage someone else :-p

Rev Roo said...

That was 2 funny! I'm going to watch over my shoulder to see if anyone is snapping a picture of me and if so, I'm shuttin up...:)

Lindsey said...

lol... get it lol! : )