Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Preparations, originally uploaded by A!ison.

I'ma list maker... got a list for everything! Today on the list of things to do was to make a... list of all the things we store. You know, things that you have absolutely no intention of ever bringing into the home but you still "need", like camping gear, Christmas decorations, golf clubs, beach umbrellas, coolers, fans, luggage, etc.

Once I have a complete list I can assess what we "need" and what we can do without. See, we are moving whether it's to Florida or across town and I need to be prepared that our new home will not have the luxury of storage that our current one has.

I suppose you are reading all this and looking at today's picture and wondering "What does one have to with other? Get on with it Alison!". Ok, I will!

I am happy to announce that in preparation of selling our home, every square foot is as organized and purged as I can get it EXCEPT for:

o the office supply cabinet
o the kitchen baskets above the stove AND
o the armoire pictured above

That's every square foot INSIDE the walls of the house. My long list of stored items is the monstrous organizational undertaking that lies outside of the house. Now, at this point if you are thinking I'm crazy, I would agree with you friend. But see, I need my mind to think this way otherwise I will become totally overwhelmed. Right now I feel totally driven to get this project going. As far as the 3 little projects still remaining inside? Piece of cake comparatively and because I've isolated inside to outside, well, you get the picture.

I have 2 side notes:

1. This is NOT the picture I was planning for today as mentioned in yesterday's post. Husband's car stayed overnight in a luxurious car hotel (Horsemann Automotive) which left me stranded at home today. :\

2. If you remember, pray for a local family. They lost their wife/mother who was struck by a car today jogging down the street. PJ wrote about it here.

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Lindsey said...

Organizing is the best thing in the world! hehe