Thursday, March 25, 2010

Grandma Time

Grandma Time, originally uploaded by A!ison.

I remember when Mimi's was the place for to eat. Went there today with Grandma after her doctor's appointment and it was not good. Got a cup of broccoli cheese soup that was lumpy. We would have been better eating at Panera... mmmm.

Anyway, my Great-Grandmother who we lovingly called "Big Grandma", not because she was big but because she was the elder of my two grandmas, well she was born in 1906. In talking with my Grandma, Big Grandma's daughter, I realized that Big Grandma had witnessed the transition between horse and buggy to motor cars. Also, my Big Grandma couldn't comprehend how a giant plane full of people could get off the ground, it was too heavy! You know, Big Grandma never believed we sent men to the moon either. She always believed it was some Hollywood production. Now Big Grandma is gone and it makes me sad that that history is gone with her. My Grandma can tell stories about her but then I realize that my Grandma is closer to the end of her life then the beginning and some day all the stories about my Big Grandma and all the stories of my Grandma will be gone forever. Makes me sad.

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