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My Other Honey

My Other Honey, originally uploaded by A!ison.

We met when I was fifteen and a half. I was working at my first job as a cashier at Carl's Jr, he was the assistant manager. He was quick witted, friendly, interesting. Everyone liked him.

He was good at his job too. He worked the morning shift and stayed through till the lunch rush was over. I never saw him during the week as I went to school and worked the late shift so I always looked forward to the weekend and the opportunity to see him during lunch. He was the fastest bagger (that was the manager's job... to bag up the food) and raced up and down that "front line" with ease. I remember he always had ten pounds of keys that hung from his waist. If he was moving fast enough he could use those keys to take someone out what with them moving side to side as he swished those hips when he walked. Manager's counted the cashier's drawers and he could count change like no one's business. To this day he holds cash a certain way and licks his thumb before counting. I guess some mannerisms never go away.

Carl's Jr. 1987

We started dating almost immediately. That would have been the Summer of 1987. In the early Spring of 1990 he came to my school and asked me to marry him. My Mom and I started to plan a wedding and set a date for February 2, 1991.

Christmas Dance 1989

By May of 1990, he started behaving strangely and hanging around a different crowd of people, not the usual friends we had. Being a very immature and dramatic eighteen year old, I broke off our engagement and gave him the ring back.

A few months later he called to tell me that he was dating someone else. He wanted to tell me directly instead of me hearing it from someone else. He asked me to guess who he was dating. Now let me tell you, I named every single girl we knew, knowing full well it was no girl. Yep, he was dating a boy.

I was so nervous to see him again after telling me he was gay. I thought somehow he would be different or look different, like some scary alien or something. But the truth is, he was exactly the same. We still laughed about the same things, enjoyed each other's company, even shared the same affection towards one another.

We have stayed in contact all these years... 22 to be exact. He now lives in another state and takes regular trips out to see me. He's still the same... quick witted, friendly, interesting. And everyone still likes him. He makes people feel like they are his one and only bff and people are attracted to that.

We wish each other a Happy Anniversary every single February 2 and speculate what our lives would look like today had we gotten married.

Him and I with our Life Partners, 2003

I love him deeply and count him as the closest friend I have. I can talk to him about anything. And I don't need talk to him everyday but when I do it's like no time has passed. He is comfortable to me in all ways.

Most recent of the two of us. Ocean Beach 2009.


He sent me this picture of him today and although I did not officially take this picture, it is a picture of my life none the less.

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motled said...

Thank you for sharing; what an amazing story you've lived with your dear friends. Cheers to dear friends and life partners. :)