Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stonewall Mountain

Stonewall Mountain, originally uploaded by A!ison.

The Captain and The Texan picked me up around 1PM and we headed for the hills! Cuyamaca to be exact and landed at the base of Stonewall.

The place was littered with mountain lion warnings and I serious got a little worried. All the stupid signs said "Beware" but none of them told me what to do if I encountered one! The Captain told me the trick was to bring someone who ran slower than you and wondered who I brought. Harhar. We finally stumbled upon some how to's like DON'T RUN (The Captain thinks he's so smart), make yourself seem as big as possible like raising your arms above your head, never bend over and never corner the animal... give him an exit.

The day was absolutely stunning! There was not a cloud in the sky and it was warm. If the wind blew hard and you were standing in the shade, you could have gotten chilled which did happen to me but I made like a lizard and laid on the sun soaked rocks.

The hike was fairly easy. The trail zigzags quite a bit making it seem like there was no incline. The trail was also wide and smooth. We passed any elderly couple that seemed to have no troubles hiking.

The Captain and The Texan brought their fancy cameras and took pictures of everything. The Texan told us about a time when he and some friends toured Stonehenge and what a total bore it was. So to liven up the experience they all took shots of each other doing ninja moves in front of Stonehenge. Well, that gave them the idea to do the same at the peak of Stonewall. We must have spent over an hour getting the right angle and of course, the right jump.

The Captain did this little side jump and we teased him saying he could be a ice skater... not ninja cool at all. So the rest of the shots were open legged. At one point they each got on this rock to ninja. I have to say the pictures turned out super cool. They were not jumping that high and yet the pictures look like they got three feet of air.

While the boys fiddled around I sat on a wide rock in full sun overlooking the Cuyamaca valley. I ate a sweet apple and marveled at God's Creation. The fires that took that mountain in 2003 attacked everything and it's a wonder how it all is regenerating. The valley and all the color it holds... no man could create something more breathtaking.

After Stonewall we hiked to the Sweetwater Falls. The Captain dropped us off at the closed entrance and parked a half mile up the road. Said he would meet us at the falls. The Texan and I had no clue where we were going so it was a whole other adventure in its self. We were the only people in a five mile radius it seemed. Along the way we saw a huge flock (is that right?) of turkeys, atleast 20 of them!! The two males had their feathers up and would gobble almost as a warning to the ladies that people were on the trail. I actually got way too excited about seeing the turkeys. It's just that there was so many of them!

We finally made it to the Falls and there was The Captain, waiting for us. He cut across a mountain and some brush to beat us. The Falls were gushing and it was loud! Again, I found a rock in full sun and took in all the clean air, thanking God for my health.

After awhile I started to get cold and realized the sun was lower in the sky. I looked to see what time it was... 6PM. OMG... Life Group starts at 6:30PM!! Dumb daylight savings. Even if we were at the car, on the road, I still would not make it home by 6:30!!! I tried texting my husband, no service. I yell down to The Captain "We gotta go!" so we start our hike back to the car.

Make a long story short, I finally got service around 6:40PM. My husband got stuck at work and was 20 minutes away from home. So ya, our Life Group was left standing outside our house. HORRIBLE!! The Captain and The Texan started concocting stories for me... The Captain drove like a bat out of hell... finally got home around 7:10PM. The good news is, before I left for the hike I had everything ready for Life Group. So we literally walked in the house and got started. But still, as Life Group leaders go, we should be put to death. Unforgivable!

Here's some more photos:

Me, The Captain and The Texan

Ninja Moves

Mountain Lion Warning

The last steps to the top!


Anne said...

Thanks for the great story. Glad you'ren feeling better from the day before. I'm sure LG forgives you but you may never hear the end of it.

Lindsey said...

We forgave you!! : ) Duh!