Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back Breaker

Back Breaker, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Today was a blur of boxes and furniture, all moved into the POD. They say you can fit a 3 bedroom house into this 16 foot unit but I'm here to tell you that either they are lying or we have way too much crap. And trust me when I say, I packed this thing like a tight puzzle. We used every nook and cranny including the leg openings of chairs.

We still have our couches, outdoor table and chairs and refrigerator. And I seriously purged!! Imagine if I hadn't!! So we are ordering another POD. We figure we cannot buy a fridge and a set of couches for the cost of another unit.

Biggest news I've been holding out on you... my husband has to report to work in Florida on Monday, July 12. We can move any time between now and then. It will all be contingent on when our dream rental is ready. So the proverbial ball is rolling fast.

Found a church online in Orlando that looks promising, Discovery Church. Becoming entrenched in a church is crucial to our survival in Florida. Found two Wesleyan churches on the East side of Orlando but no websites. Know of any churches in Orlando?

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Lindsey said...

Yea for two PODS! hehe

Buuttt July 12th... oh no! That is big news but no sure I like it!