Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baja Earthquake

Baja Earthquake, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Today, while enjoying family after eating Easter dinner, the ground shook so hard and so long that for the first time as a native San Diegan, I was scared of an earthquake.

We felt it coming, just a small tremor and as usual, someone yelled 'Earthquake is Coming". No big deal really. We all just sat back and waited for the customary few second shake. But it kept coming. Still no big deal. We all looked at each other with one eyebrow up and a smirk like "Wow, ok, this is a bit longer than normal." But then it kept coming and just as we all stood up, a giant invisible ripple went through the house. Most of my family ran outside, I stayed inside and instinctively stood in a doorway. My Grandma got up and stood next to me all the while the ground still moving. I could hear my mother's china rattling, the picture frames on the piano all fell over and all the lights hanging from the ceiling were swinging violently. It continued and for a brief moment I thought "I've got to get Grandma and me outside." As I sat there reeling about it, it slowed and before I knew it, it stopped.

My legs were so shaky that as I made my way back to the couch, it still felt like the ground was moving.

We walked throughout the house to see if there was any damage. We tipped crooked hanging pictures strait and picked up all the things that had fallen on the floor. My parents do not have internet but I had my trusty iPhone. 6.9!!! We couldn't believe it! Haiti was 7.0!!!

A few minutes later everyone fell back into living mode. I sat on the couch scouring my iPhone for other information while the rest of my family played cards. As I sat there, I felt wave after wave after wave of aftershocks.

In the 37 years I have lived here and out of all the earthquakes I have felt, I have never experienced anything close to this. The length (40 seconds... sit in silence for 40 seconds and imagine the earth shaking that entire time... it's long), the magnitude (upgraded to 7.2) or the amount of aftershocks (over 70 in a 14 hour period, some of them as big as 5.7).

Today's picture is an upright wooden puzzle that sits on my mother's cabinet. It was rattled apart.

I thought Miles McPhearson summed it up perfectly on this wobbly Easter Sunday:
The earth shook when Jesus died matt 27:51 and another when He rose matt 28:2 California shook today bigtime 6.9 Get ur life in order

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Lindsey said...

I thought he summed it up good too! I told Rev Roo that I thought there was an earthquake when He rose and as soon as I said that she got that Twitter text from Miles! : )