Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Computer Work

Computer Work 2, originally uploaded by A!ison.

If you can believe it, I worked all day from my computer. It was like I had a regular job again! =)

I sent email after email after email.
I updated our address changes with everyone from Netflix to our car insurance.
I completed our Census.
Finally RSVP'd to Rollerscrappers wedding.
Registered my truck's sync. Hey, did you know my truck sends a health report to Ford then Ford contacts me via text if there is something wrong? Crazy!
And then sent more emails.

All this and I had to contend with Baby Kitty's needy-ness. Meowing, walking in front of the monitor, needing to lay in my lap, meowing for 5 minutes after I shooed her away. It's like having a toddler!

Btw, thank you for your well wishes yesterday. I am feeling better. Let's hope is stays that way.


PJ said...

new address? really? hmmmm...

Alison said...

Naw, just a PO Box.