Friday, April 23, 2010


Frustration, originally uploaded by A!ison.

So I had this awesome evening out with my cousin. We went to this hamburger bar with a cool little kids area. Sounds strange but it was actually charming. People brought their dogs and kids, sat on old style picnic benches and had burgers, sweet potato fries and a beer. Cafe lights hung over our heads to give a sorta backyard look to the place. I had the black bean burger while my cousin got the chickpea. We split our burgers, black bean being the better of the two. His son played in the kids area the entire time so we enjoyed an uninterrupted dinner and conversation. Anyway, it was just a nice chill evening but I never snapped a picture. Ugh!

So I came home and started on more packing and cleaning. For the record, I am so done with all this but I digress. I started cleaning the refrigerator. As I tried popping out the bottom glass shelf, it busted into a million pieces. It shot ten feet in every direction. I had glass in the living room, the family room and across to the other side of the kitchen. And go figure, the first thing I think is "Picture of the Day", not "omg, where do I start to clean this up!" and of course that thought couldn't have come to me with such clarity at the highlight of my day.

I spent the next hour and half cleaning up glass. A ton ended up down the sink. I do not know how I'm suppose to get that out! After sweeping and vacuuming twice I can still see glints of glass. My husband finally came home around 11:30 PM. He has a huge project at work that will take all weekend long. I felt bad because as soon as he got home I just went on and on about the glass breaking. I mean, he just pulled a 14 hour day for crying out loud!

This shelf breaking is just another reason to be beyond frustrated. I have so many things to be thankful for, the selling of our house, friends hospitality, the Florida offer, my health and financial means to get this move done... but it comes with feelings of being overwhelmed, worried, sad and alone. We have to put Baby Kitty down, we have a handful of pieces that do not fit in the POD and don't know what our option is to keep them, I'm being drained with a cold, the POD may not be covered through the relocation money and now I have to buy a refrigerator shelf. Wake me in a month would ya.


Rev Roo said...

what a mess...that is a bummer. I'm sorry you are "over it" -- packing and moving is no fun.
I hope today brings a better day...I mean a family portrait, that could just really do it ...I mean put you over the edge - lol.

Lindsey said...

Awe..I feel your frustration and sadness in this post! I didn't get to say good-bye to baby kitty...I am trying not to get sad at work! No joke... I am calling you tonight. We need to catch up!