Friday, April 9, 2010

God at Work

God at Work, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Early this morning we signed our house away. It now sits in the hands of our mortgage company. We also received the official correspondence noting that the difference between our loan and the amount we sold the house for is completely forgiven.

Approximately three hours later, the words that we have been waiting nine months for finally came, 'when do you want to move to Florida?'.

You may believe it to be a coincidence but I for one do not.

Nine months ago God said, I got big plans for you but it involves you letting go of some things you got a tight grip on. I knew what those things were and not by my own will or strength but by God's was I able to give them up, almost instantaneously. That truth alone gave me the faith to know this was the path He was shooting for. Now, I'd be lying if I told you I never doubted because the timing of this entire journey has been eight months too long. And when I say doubt, I guess I'm talking about Florida specifically. To me, the lesson was taught, Florida was just an excuse to begin the lesson. So when Florida never came, at that point it didn't matter, we were making the changes that needed to be made. I doubted we would ever move to Florida. But His ways are not my ways apparently.

How flawless is it, the day we sign off on the house... deal is done, forgiven, over with, the new chapter officially begins today... do we get word, word that was originally suppose to come in '3-5 weeks'. It's sounds even crazy to me but I assure you dear one, it's not and it's no coincidence either.


On another note, I watched "Precious" this evening. What a horrible beautiful movie. I gotta tell you that I am a sheltered, spoiled brat. I have the nerve to complain about my woes when there are people living these lives today! I feel even more sheltered and ignorant when I try to think of a way to help. Unimaginably disturbing story with a human spirit you can't stop thinking about. And man am I Mo'Nique's biggest fan now!


Anne said...

Check you e-mail. Now it lets me leave a comment. God has a sense of humor.

Lindsey said...

Soo do you recommend the movie, Precious?? I can't decide if I should watch it or not...