Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Nostalgic, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Got married in 2003. Still have my wedding dress sitting around. What do people do with their wedding dress? I'm a sentimental sucker but this thing takes up a lot of room! It's not like I'm ever going to wear it again. Even if by some miracle from God we had a child AND it was a girl, she's not going to want this dress when she gets married. So what do I do with it? It seems sacrileg to give it to Good Will. Anyone got any ideas?

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RollerScrapper said...

hmmm...throw an annual wear your wedding attire party where everyone dresses up in their old dress?

But on a more serious note I do think there's an organization that takes that stuff and gives it to brides in need...I think my friend's bride (she was MOH) paid for all of the bridesmaid dresses and took them back at the end and donated the whole kit and kaboodle to that charity.