Thursday, May 27, 2010

And the winner is...

HOUSE #5!!!!

#7 almost won but we found out things like the owner no pay his taxes and the fact that his mortgage was over $1000 more than what the rent was. That didn't sit well with us so we decided on #5. It's 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1929 square feet. The entire house has one nice nuetral color and covered in tile. Mama like!

The other houses that had carpet was a little too much filth for my liking. Also, people paint their walls crazy colors, not that I'm opposed to seeing such craziness in other homes. I just don't want it in my home.

It does NOT come with a washer and dryer... big downer, nor does it have a lanai or any privacy in the backyard but this is Florida for crying out loud! We're not spending time outside! That's crazy talk!!!

So we put our application in and will pay the deposit first thing tomorrow morning. We should know by tomorrow afternoon if we're approved or not. A good sign though... the rental agency called us about an hour after we submitted our app to ask so questions.

So that's it! Hopefully our work here is done.

Front living room

Kitchen. As our friend the Greek put it "It looks like they built the house and forgot to put a kitchen in." So true. Strange how all the cabinets are along the wall.

Family Room. If you were standing in this room taking this picture, the kitchen cabinets would be behind you.
Sorry, no pics of the bedrooms. They are square with a giant hole in the side of the wall called a closet. Not much to shoot in the form of a picture. ;)



RollerScrapper said...

Sweet house! I'm sure the kitchen will look more kitchen like once you have a nice big kitchen table in there! 1929 square feet is awesome!!!

How far is the drive to work?

PJ said...

how many steps from the fidge to the stove? it looks far but could be the all of the tile...i see fun times for you