Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bad Traveler

I have resolved that I am not a good traveler. Airplanes, the air that circulates in them to be exact, is nasty... stifling. Our flight from San Diego to Houston was just under 3 hours long. I have never been so happy to breathe when we exited the plane. Houston to Florida was 2 hours.

On both flights we sat in the center and aisle seat. I got to sit next to the window stranger each time. Both were women and both aggressive in claiming the very limited real estate in the seat. I didn't dare put my arm on the arm rest! The first stranger laughed out loud through the whole movie she ordered. Scared me half to death every time she belted out a laugh. The second stranger smelt of alcohol and only grunted every now and then. I just kept mt eyes down, lips shut and read my book 'Sarah's Key'.

And why don't people use toilet covers? Why squat and get pee all over the seat when you can easily just put down paper and sit!!? GROSS!

And what is it with people wanting to get off the plane so quickly? These are the people that run down the aisle as soon as the seatbelt sign goes off. Like don't they know we exit according to rows and that technically they are cutting in line? And don't they know that every person they run by is not only rolling their eyes but secretly wanting to trip them in hopes that they look like an even bigger fool?

We just need to save our money and fly first class from now on. I think that will really help the fact that I have become a permanent travel snob over the past 6 hours.


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Lindsey said...

LOL. I totally agree with everything you mentioned. I have also vowed to save so I can fly first class...but that hasn't happened yet! : )