Thursday, May 6, 2010


BLT's, originally uploaded by A!ison.

If I'm the one that is sick, how did I get stuck doing everything today? I friggin' hate my life today. The Soft Soap Man watched TV all day long with full control over what was on. My husband played WoW having full control over the bandwidth. And I got stuck with making dinner for them. How did that happen? Granted the SSM and my husband are also sick or should I say sleep deprived because of MY inability to not cough in the middle of the night. All three of us napped today but I clearly put way more effort into this day then the two of them combined. All I can say is I don't care how I feel tomorrow, I am NOT hanging around here!

Once again, don't mind me. I'm being a very pissed off whinny baby.

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