Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Messy Cabinet



Messy Cabinet, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Since our arrival a week and a half ago, the condition of this cabinet has been a running joke. When it's time to clean up for dinner, we all argue who will be the one to find a container for the leftovers. As if the cabinet knows it's pathetic state, it spills out empty bowls with no matching lids as if to say 'Pleeeeese someone help, I'm in desperate need of organizing' everytime you open the cabinet door. So today when Big E and Roo left for an overnight roadtrip, I helped the cabinet. Of course this is not my home nor do I know which item is used most so I guessed and was careful not to throw away anything that was remotely valuable. I did throw away about 8 glad/ziploc lids with no partner and REPLACED it with 8 new matching sets. I slept like a baby knowing my work here was done.


PJ said...

true and faithful friends orginize for each other...warms my heart <3

Lindsey said...

omgoodness, omgoodness, omgoodness! It looks amazing!