Friday, May 21, 2010

Movie Under the Stars

Movie Under the Stars, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Had an awesome night with Molten and (soon-to-be) Mr. Molten. A bucket list item completed! We started with deep dish pizza and talk of wedding plans and our big relocation. The Molten's will be joining us in Florida a few short weeks after us. After dinner we headed next door to Cinema Under the Stars to watch Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window. This place is so rad! You get a 'zero gravity' lounge chair and a soft fuzzy blanket. The place is littered with warm propane heaters to ensure maximum comfort regardless the weather. I brought thick socks to slip over my bare feet once we were settled in our seats. If you can believe it the show was sold out! We got the last 4 tickets available. Mr. Molten and I are talking about how we could open up something like this in Florida. It would need a giant mosquito net around the entire theater but hey... it would be a money maker! This place is San Diego's best kept secret! The Molten's even treated us for the night for my birthday. So nice!

Tonight marks the beginning of a crazy weekend. We've got something going on everyday but it makes for great Project 365 material and even some bucket list items! It also marks the ending of our time with Big E and Roo. It went by so fast! It's just now that I have gotten use to the kitchen, the inner workings of their home, habits, schedules, etc. I'm very sad we are leaving. They are easy going with good sense of humors. They do not hover over us giving us plenty of room. I think me and the hubs might be the hover-ers! They never comment or roll their eyes at my 8AM wake up time and have embraced my husband's 4-hour a night World of Warcraft habit. Roo calls the area where his computer is 'The Man Cave'. =) It takes no effort to be their friends and they are always so willing to do whatever as long as it means we can hang out. I've enjoyed our dinners and time in front of the tube together most. The other night we began watching 'Plant Earth'!! Amazing video btw. They have made it easy to be comfortable here and I just love to be around the both of them. Just writing this makes my heart hurt because I know it's much deeper... we are not just leaving their home, we're leaving the state! We officially leave their home in 4 days. =(

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