Monday, May 10, 2010

Our New Roof

Our New Roof, originally uploaded by A!ison.

We moved to our temporary new home today. It's comfortable in a whole new sense. A king size bed, our own bathroom, multiple televisions, space and lots of it.

My mom's home is comfortable as well. We can lounge in our pj's, I know my way around her kitchen, we don't fuss with pleasantries. But my husband and I slept in seperate uncomfortable beds, the bathroom lacks privacy... it has a door and all it's just in the main part of the house and the house is just big enough for four adults.

I am excited to be here. We love LOVE our roomies! How good of friends are they to offer their spare room to us? We have been preoccupied with moving and fighting sickness that we have not had much of a social life. We have missed our friends so all this comes at a perfect time!

For our first night? Dancing with the Stars! "And in the mornin' I'm making waffles!" ~Donkey

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Lindsey said...

Too fun and great pic! BTW it's a California King bed! Even better : )