Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saint John

Saint John, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Had nothing to do this evening so we drove over 2 hours to visit my father-n-mother-in-law.

First let me say that Jacksonville is similar to downtown San Diego only it's hot and there's less people. They've got big beautiful buildings, a water front, homeless people, intoxicated people and funny smells. Here we all are at the Saint John's river who according to my father-in-law is
one of the few rivers in America that flows North.

We walked about 6 blocks to the riverwalk and had sweet potato fries. YUM! There was no one on the streets but the occasional beggar or bus stop dweller. It was a little scary. At one point about 3 blocks from the riverwalk, a clean shaven young man began walking with us. Because I was a little frightened I noticed him right away. He was walking with us as if he were in our group. After a block I could see and smell that he was completely smashed. My mother-in-law and I tried allowing him to pass. A block later we tried again, this time yelling at our guys to let him pass. When the drunkard wouldn't pass my father-in-law turned to him and boldly said "I don't know who you are or what you are doing but you need to piss off!!!" The pathetic soul slumped his shoulders and began walking the other way. It was so cool for my FIL to be so direct!!

After dinner we walked back and saw Jacksonville lit up. It really is a pretty town.

It's a much longer ride than we anticipated. The inlaws do not drive so I can already see this being more tedious than originally expected. They had some talk of moving to Tampa so they'd be closer to us. One can hope. Let's be honest here... I like that my inlaws are not around the corner from us but they're just a little too inconvenient to be visiting on a regular basis. I think I see a bus from Jacksonville to Orlando in their near future.

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Connie R. said...

O my gosh I laughed out loud at your Father in Law and the stalker.