Saturday, June 26, 2010

Car Delivery

Car Delivery, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Our cars arrived today, front door delivery! Only problem, had a soft scratch that went from the back bumper to the front. Yes, a scratch that traveled the entire length of the truck. The truck driver was quite an ass about it. When we pointed it out to him he said "oh, that will come out with some wax and buffing. Want me to wax it out right now? I have wax in my truck. Oh wait, no I don't have any but all you need to do is wax it." Umm, not the point! My husband just turned to me and said "We'll just call Kirsti" and the guy was like "Ya, call Kristie or anyone at the office. Don't know if you have their numbers or not." It's like, first of all we're referring to our moving liason not some random woman in your office and second of all, were you going to offer those numbers or did we have to search the number ourselves and third of all, we're not even talking to you!

Ok, one more rant about this guy. He must have called us 3 times asking us directions to our house. The first time I interupted my husband's convo with this guy to tell him "Just give him the address and stop telling him you don't know the area." Duh, we just moved here. And seriously, the next few times he called it was the same thing. No, we don't know where we are in relation to the 417 and yes, out street is wide enough for your truck. It was wide enough for the frickin moving van 4 days ago! And does this cross country driver not own a GPS?

Ok, I lied. One more rant. How do these scraches always happen to my truck? If there is a ding or a scratch to be had out there my truck will find it. I don't get it. My husband who doesn't care two bits about his car and happens to be about 8 months younger than my truck has yet to recieve one tiny scuff. Why? Why?


Wootman said...

I am of the opinion that you and Fearless Leader (CH) are both currently experiencing bad "Car"ma. Truly a bi-coastal thing at present, given your report.

This guy sounds like the original "gas bag" muse for Monty Python movies--I'll elaborate, and you tell me if the sentiment applies: "You pea brained wiper of other peoples' bottoms" or "You second hand electric doggy-bottom biter". Mrs. Wootman's favorite would apply here too "You profane existence with the mere sound of your voice".

Next time he or any of his progeny enter into your personal space, nay, your spehere of influence, turn your back on him, make bunny ears with your first two fingers and keep them right by your shoulder (same side, palm out), then reach back, hook his nose, then bend forward while rolling your wrist forward; the "Over the shoulder nostril throw" is definately the ticket here (It's the secret weapon that Miagi never taught Daniel-san. For extra flair points, you can also do that while assuming the 'crane technique' used so bitchen-ly in the original film).

All I can say, Al, is "Who loves you, Baby" (and "no one puts baby in the corner") :)

RollerScrapper said...

Awww, sorry to hear that you got a scratch :(

I scratched my car the other day by bumping something into it while moving some stuff...but I suppose since my car is 7 it is not as traumatic :)

I hope Kristie can help you!

Connie R. said...

At least the guy spoke English!

Lindsey said...

oh bummer...