Monday, June 28, 2010

Christmas in June

Christmas in June, originally uploaded by A!ison.

I think I'm finally an adult 'cause only adults get excited about new major appliances. Went to the outlet store last week and purchased these beauties. You can tell they are outlet material because their faces do not match. Oh well, at 50% off I simply do not mind.

The washer and dryer were delivered on Saturday but for some reason the dryer would not power up. So the guy called for a technician to come out Monday. Well let me tell you, I married a go getter. He started tinkering around, problem solving everything. You won't believe it but the 2/20 outlet was not even hooked up!!!!! I told him to call Big E for help but he said he'd try looking for a diagram on the web. In 15 minutes I had a running dryer.

So today is Monday and you know what that means, right? LAUNDRY DAY! Drove them around the block a few times... kidding, figure of speech. Wouldn't believe it myself but the clothes finish drying before the washer is done! In my very best Long Duck Dong voice, "You makea me so happy!".

Before I go I have to tell you that today was the first day I have sweated and I'm not talking about a little wetness around the oxter. Apparently I am a butt sweater. Hey, probably a little bit TMI but aren't you glad I didn't take a picture of it? OMGosh!!!! It looked like I sat in a puddle of water or I peed myself backwards. Seriously, my entire derrière was soaked. It was sweating like I have never experienced in my life. And they say it's going to get much worse. Who wants to visit me now?


Anonymous said...

way too much information. You are so funny!!!!! Love the 50% off on the appliances; would not really have noticed that the 2 fronts were not alike; would have thought one is that way cuz it is a washer, one is that way cuz it is a dryer. So see.......

Just the fact that the dryer beat the washer makes me want to replace mine.

Miss you lots; love your daily tidbits!!!!!!! Vic

Rev Roo said...

Way to go Kelley!!! You make Elden so are his new apprentice!!
Do those things called "depends" help with derriere problem??

Lindsey said...

lol and totally jealous of your early Christmas presents! loves xo annnddd I think we should vote for a alias for me on your blog too! hehe Or Miss America! lol Roo calls me that!

RollerScrapper said...

so jealous as well! i would sooo lurrve front a front load washer! I honestly didn't notice they were different until you pointed it out, it's not like one is black and one is red :)

Connie R. said...

Love the washer and dryer. Headed to the outlet center myself for fridge.