Thursday, June 17, 2010

Domain Name

Folks, it's official... I am the proud owner of!!!!

When I started this blog I did what most people do, signed up through a website that would host my blog. I chose blogspot. The problem is that 1.) my URL or website name would have to have the in the name and 2.) blogspot did not have crookedtiara available so I added the "s" making it Now, this is not an easy name to remember AND it may be common for people to forget that pesky little "s". So after eleven months of blogging I've decided to take the plunge and own my blog name!

Thanks to Cutest Blog I was directed to Rapid Media. After a few short clicks and $20, I now own for two whole years!

Go ahead, click on the address Pretty freaking cool! I am way to excited about this!!!