Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Move-in Day

Movers arrived right on time. Took 4.5 hours to offload and put together the little bit of furniture we own. I thought we had a lot of stuff but it doesn't fill even half this house!

It is HOT! In San Diego this kind of heat would cause a heat advisory. My husband stood in the unairconditioned garage checking off boxes as they came off the truck. After about a half hour his shirt was drenched. Mind you he was just standing there!

I have a feeling McDonalds and Taco Bell will be our fast food of choice in the beginning only because they taste just like home. Gotta appreciate that consistent taste.

Went to Super Target this morning about bought $300 worth of random supplies. Man it adds up! Crazy thing they denied my bank card. I think it wa the amount and the fact I'm in Florida. After calling the bank which was closed (5am their time), I got a spark of thought... use debt!!! Thankfully it worked.

While I was at Target I bought a $5 toilet seat. OMG!!! I am so glad I did! When I removed the old seat I almost threw up!!!! Guess I'll be purchasing another for the guest bathroom. But I got our bathroom cleaned and shower cutain hung. Also got our bedroom situated. Boxes are in the closets, bed is made and the furniture is exactly where it needs to be.

We are now heading to Ikea for some office furniture. Cost $1.75 in toll charges to get here. Will cost us the same to get home.

Location:Florida 400,Orlando,United States


Rev Roo said...

WOW... you've got a lot done. How did Ikea work out? Kelley couldn't talk you out of it? Send pics when you can, would love to see how your new stuff looks!!

RollerScrapper said...

I'm totally anticipating the awesome IKEA post for tomorrow :)

Anne said...

Alison -
Thanks for the posts. I'm so sad I missed your going away but still feel connected thanks to your crooked tiara. Miss you, Anne

Lindsey said...

Ikea time! I can't wait to see pics!