Saturday, June 12, 2010

Moving Day!

Moving Day!, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Our PODS were delivered to the moving company where they would load our belongings onto their truck. My husband's company would not pay for the PODS so this was the workaround.

We made arrangements weeks ago and the one detail we overlooked... getting the keys to the movers to open the PODS. Got a call 7am this morning. Had to run the keys down there. Came back home, loaded the computers up and drove back down there to load them on to the truck. Came back home, showered and drove back down there to sign the paperwork. Sheesh!

It was facinating how they organized it all and packed it in the truck. There is a family packed on the same truck that is moving from San Diego to Orlando. What are the odds? So we asked the mover the name of the family and sure enough it's my husband's co-worker! Ironically, they were hired on the same day over 12 years ago.

It was good to see my stuff. Funny how you're so attached to it all, it's just stuff! BTW, it all weighs 8300 pounds.


Rev Roo said...

Wow..this makes it real another level!! :(

Lindsey said...

8,300 pounds! Oh my! And what a day!