Monday, June 21, 2010

My Bucket List!

We are living in popluar unchartered waters! Florida is the second most visited state in America and Orlando is the #1 tourism city in the US! There is a lot to do here and it's not just Disney World! I have no idea how long God will keep us here but I'm determined to see every nook and cranny of all 54,000 square feet of Florida. If you know of a place that needs to be on this list, please let me know!
Clearwater Beach
Universal's Harry Potter
Kennedy Space Center
Christmas at Disney World

Find our favorite water park
Holy Land Experience
Cocoa Beach
Camp at Fort Wilderness
Beach Camp
See the Padres play the Marlins
Visit the world's largest McDonald's
Get a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt
Attend a UCF Football Game
Eat a corndog at the Florida State Park
See the Orlando Magic Basketball Team play
Pick Your Own Citrus
Visit Lakeridge Winery
Tour Sea Turtle Nesting Sites
Florida Keys
The Everglades
Key Biscayne

East Coast destinations:
New Jersey
Washington DC
New York
New Orleans

These are the things I look forward to most when I go home for a visit:

Shop at Trader Joes
Spend an afternoon at Shelter Island
Go to the Del Mar Fair
Eat: mexican food, In N Out bugers and real donuts
Get in a baseball game
Spend the day up in Julian
Hike Mountains
Visit Mom N Pop Chinesse. Oh, and eat there too.

This is the motherload Bucket List, the true list, things I want to accomplish in my lifetime:

Learn a language then travel to use it!
Brew beer
Drive across America
Spend Christmas on a beach
Spend Christmas in New York
Spend Christmas in a cabin in the mountains
Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
Learn to surf
Run a marathon
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Anne said...

Hey - On your Florida Bucket List what is the Holy Land Experience?

By the way I really like the new look of your blog.

Alison said...

Thanks Anne! The Holy Land Experience is like walking around a town the way it would be in Biblical times. I believe people role play and all that. Sounds interesting enough!

Carolyn! said...

hmmmm...i dont see harry potter land on this list... ;p