Friday, June 25, 2010

My husband's alias

I try to keep a certain level of anonymity on this blog in regards to my family and friends. I don't know why. I use my real first name. I post pictures of people. And let's face it, who reads this blog anyway? I guess I try and respect people's privacy. If ever you see a picture of someone's face, I've always asked first if I could publish it on my blog.

For months I've wanted to give my husband a blog name other than "husband". I asked him if he wanted me to use his real name. Everyone who reads this blog knows his real name AND his picture is plastered all over this place. But he said no, he wanted a cool name like the Soft Soap Man AKA SSM or the Captain. But that's tough... those came naturally. All my ideas seem forced. So I need your help.

Here are some of my ideas:

You know, crooked tiara, princess, the frog. Get it? This was a suggestion from a friend.

As in Darth Vader.

This is in relation to his initials.

This is a variation of his World of Warcraft character.

Again, another variation of his WoW character.

The whole princess thing again only he wasn't too crazy about this one. His comment was "that guy was a d**ch* bag on Shrek."

As in he was a quasi-carnie back in the day AND his favorite thing in the whole world is rare steak (carnivore).

I'd love to hear your ideas. The name should be easy to type, nothing super long and preferable one word. I know there are way more creative people out there!



Connie R. said...

I think Frog Vader or Big Carnie. HA!

Rev Roo said...

I vote for "Alejandro" or "Fernando" ... yeah? lol; I'm feeling the moves coming on...

PJ said...

if you think of his first name and what country it represents and then what that leads you to see in your head and then i picture him in a tartan kilt going comando, standing on a green hill with a fog hanging in the background...I would go with Celtic

RollerScrapper said...

I believe you forgot "Cookie" and "Porterhouse" or are those only his Work nicknames? :) just ask "the greek"

Wootman said...

I'm all for DJ K-Wow:

K=first initial
WoW=World of Warcraft.

KWoW sounds like a radio station.

These things be him, so that would make him the DeFacto Disc Jockey, right?

Again, I say: DJ K-WoW
(don't tell, but my little Woots are currently watching a taped "Wow Wow Wubzy". It's entirely possible if not Likely that this has influenced my creatively, but he doesn't have to know that part...our little sectret!)

PJ said...


Anne said...

I think you should name him "THO" - meaning The Handsome One.