Tuesday, June 8, 2010


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Was grouchy this morning. Realized I hadn't had my fix of strong coffee yet so the Soft Soap Man offered to take me out for a bagel and hot coffee. Totally overpaid for that bagel... highway robbery if you ask me but the coffee was strong and good.

We sat in the place and ate our mid-morning breakfast. Never knew freaks roamed the Santee area till I sat in this bagel shop! First was a guy who could not keep his mouth in a closed position. He asked for a cup of water but helped himself to the soda instead. To hide it from the bagel workers, he held the cup low against his leg which of course, caused half the soda to spill out onto the floor. Little did he know he left a trail of evidence all the way to his seat. He should have realized this when he sat down. I mean, half the soda he poured into the cup was gone but I guess he was more concerned about creating a plastic-bag-full-of-crap barrier between the bagel worker and his free cup of sode. He'd down the soda, wait for the guy behind the counter to look the other way, run to the machine, fill his glass to the top, spill half of it on the floor on his way back to his seat, place it behind the bag'o'crap then wait again till the bagel guy turned his head before downing it like a shot of whisky.

Not much later a pretty girl came in with an empty coffee cup and filled it with soda. It was clear to me she dug this cup out of the trash. No wonder the bagels were so expensive! They have to pay for their non-customer's free soda habit! But I digress. This girl was high and it was sad really. She was young, maybe 19. What happened that led her to digging out used coffee cups and too high to see how nasty that was. Well, as we left the bagel shop someone called the cops and they had her in cuffs. The Soft Soap Man was so intent on seeing how it all ended, he moved the car into a better listening position. So here I am stuck in this car that is parked so obvious. To make matters worse the SSM is pointing and talking loud. At that point I was trying to look the other way imagining what I would say if the cop asked us what we were doing. I did manage to snap this pic. I knew if anything else this would be a good FSPO (for story purposes only) and of course, Project 365 material.

In all seriousness, pray for that girl. She was much too young to have such troubles.

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