Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Old New Home

Old New Home, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Our time with Big E and Roo has come to an end. We now call home where we began, my momma's house. It will be our final San Diego destination. The next place we move to will be our Orlando home.

Spoke to the movers today and they are expediting our move because of details regarding our PODS. It's funny. My husband (who btw needs a nickname on this blog) and I talked at length when we would be willing to move. As much as we want to get on with everything and sleep in our own bed, we've got years to sleep in that bed and only days to spend with family and friends. But after much discussion, we decided to leave it to the fate of the movers... we go when they say we go. Well, they are saying we go sooner than I expected. I feel like I'm on a high speed train and I can't get off!

Today, amidst the moving and re-organizing our belongings, I was able to get the electricity transferred which is costing us a whopping $260 because we are out-of-towners and got our budget in alignment with our new expenses. Tomorrow? New bank, cable and water company, and a trip to WalMart!


Rev Roo said...

You are the best roomies EVER! Your old new home is very nice! They are blessed to have you. Eldie misses you two!!!!

RollerScrapper said...

No no no!!! You guys can't leave sooner than later!!! Aaack!