Monday, June 21, 2010

An Orlando Welcome

Orlando welcomed us "home" with humidity, wet streets and a flash of lightening. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I woke up with the worst nervous stomach. By the time my mom and brother dropped us off curbside I was a wreck! It didn't help that my mom started crying. Heading into the terminal I was a blubbering mess. I could not stop crying and the funny thing is I couldn't tell if I was really and truly sad or if seeing my mom upset was what made me upset. So there we sat waiting to board our plane and I couldn't get control of my tears. But they eventually stopped and we made our way East.

Once in Orlando, we got our rental, a Chrysler Seber??? Very nice, leather seats and satelite radio. It will be our vehicle till the real ones arrive in a week or two.

Got our new house keys and loaded the fridge with water and soda for tomorrow's moving day. The movers plan to arrive at 8am and I plan to be there all day. Biggest bummer... The house was not cleaned like the rental agency said it would be. Don't get me wrong, the house is not filthy but definately not clean. Toilets need scrubbing, the oven is dirty, the floors need some touching up, etc. etc.

I have to share, it feels like we've been gone just a few days from this place. It really was three weeks ago but driving around town and walking through the house, it feels like no time has past.

We got the same exact hotel room. Feels familar and that is a good thing.

The humidity is still not as bad as I've had it in my head. I actually like the smell of it. It's kinda heavy and mildewy like Pirates of the Carribean. Our friends told us that the sky has unloaded over the past two days. Maybe that's why the humidity is bearable?

Well that's all for now. It's 11PM Orlando time and I must attempt sleep now. We have an early wake up call, 3AM San Diego time and I'm afraid of having jet lag again. Good night.

Location:N Alafaya Trail,Orlando,United States


RollerScrapper said...

Watch out for the 3PM rainstorm! :)

We are going to miss you two!

Anonymous said...

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