Friday, June 25, 2010

Random Thoughts

Why do people here water their grass? It seems that clouds are ever-present here. You can look all over and see green so clearly it rains enough here. Why bother with a water schedule?

Googled "Sears Outlet" and they gave me an address in Deland (50 minutes from home). When we got to the outlet they said they have one in Orlando. Ugh.

Bought a brand new energy efficient front loader washer and dryer for less than $1000 bucks!

We will not be going to the game on Saturday to watch the Padres kick some Marlin arse. We have a washer and dryer to accept for delivery.

Costco food courts are inside. Hmm. I wonder why? ;)

Benadryl is a gift sent from God. The Captain told Tenille who told me to just bypass the PM's and take Benadryl. I had the best night's sleep ever!

The water that comes out of the faucets STINK! When we first arrived at our house, the water that came out of the facet smelt like rotten eggs. It was so bad it lingered in the room for awhile... even gave me a stomachache. The house has been vacant for awhile so we figured the water was stale. My husband ran the hot water for a few minutes and that helped a lot but the water still smells.

I hate yappy dogs. I need Big E's gun. Seriously.

Everyone keeps talking about the "traffic" here. I think everyone needs to visit San Diego to see what real traffic is.

If you own an iPhone, get Knocking Vid. I have had so much fun with my ONE friend who also has it. I need more Knocking friends!

Comments! If you have left a comment anytime since Monday, bless you. I read each one outloud to the Hubs and no matter what it says, we both grin ear to ear. (post edit: we love comments so much, I took the word verification off)



Duane said...

Forget Benadryl -- try Zyrtec!

Connie R. said...

I grew up with a Gawd-awful sulfur rotten egg smell. But I didn't notice it so much until I moved away and then visited. Ours also turned the appliances to rust, put hard water stains on white clothes, and turned hair orangish. Not so noticeable on me but I remember my blonde sister washing her hair with bottled water. So... Could be worse:). Fortunately my mom moved from there a few years ago. Time for a heavy duty air freshener. Maybe one of those that sprays every half hour?

RollerScrapper said...

You must be near water, that actually happens to the water in our house b/c of the pond next door...but don't worry after a while you will not notice it as much :) PS Glad our Benedryl trick worked!