Monday, June 14, 2010

Talapia and Quakes

Talapia and Quakes, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Went to dinner with dear ol' grannie tonight. She treated us to the Fish Market next to the Midway downtown. We walked in at the perfect time... got a seat right by the ocean view. It was a beautiful afternoon too! The marine layer stayed away long enough for us to enjoy the view. I ordered the mango talapia which let me say was the best piece of fish I have ever eaten in my life. It should have been the perfect setting, right? Good food, spectacular view, great service... no. Right behind us was a vacationing young family. Their children did not have inside voices and screamed and yelled our ENTIRE dinner. And we were not the only ones shocked at how out of control these children were either. But my question is, how should we have handled the situation? Moved to a lesser desirable area of the restaurant? I mean, this is no McDonald's we went to! We paid for that view let me tell you. Should we have asked the father to shush his child? How much responsibility does the waiting staff have in asking the family to not disturb the rest of the restaurant? At one point an older woman tuned to the family and yelled "JESUS" (no she was not praising Him). When that did not work she actually shushed them. That didn't work either. I sat and tried to ignore it all but everytime the kids screamed or threw their forks on the glass table which made a terrible crashing sound or when the dad spoke louder than the kids trying to entertain them, my whole experience was completely invaded.

After dinner we went back to Grandma's house and watched the Padres lose to the Blue Jays. During the game the ground started to shake. It started out light with a couple quick jumps then it hit hard. It was a smaller scale to the Easter earthquake. As we experienced the 5.7 aftershock, we also got to see it on TV... the cameras pointing at the game began to shake and the announcers yelled "Earthquake!". Crazy!!!