Wednesday, June 9, 2010

That's what a hamburger's all about

We love this family so much we drove an hour north on a weeknight to share a meal with them one last time then stayed till past midnight chatting the time away.

My husband met Oldielocks (that's the real nickname his boys give him) at work and discovered he played World of Warcraft with his two boys Hixxy and Healz (also real nicknames *shrugs*). These are good people. Perfect WoW playmates, perfect real life companions. To decide if we enjoy the parental units more or Hixxy and Healz would be impossible.

The best thing about this whole deal and the reason I will not cry over leaving them is we will probably see them more than anyone else... at the bank in Dalaran, on the slopes of Icecrown, fighting side by side in Wintergrasp or driving off into the sunset on our custom made choppers. ;)

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PJ said...

OMGosh...your bucket list for San Diego is almost complete. I love your insight and your sense of adventure...give me more, give me more...