Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Week in Pictures

I've posted my Project 365 pictures all week but have a few non-P365 I'd like to share with you.

EVERYTHING in Orlando is indoors. This is the tram that takes you to baggage claim. Just like Vegas!

Ikea is about a half hour drive from our house which goes right through the center of Orlando. Here I snapped a picture of some large buildings. Thought the clouds in the sky were pretty too. Don't have an Ikea picture to share... yet. We still have some finishing touches on the office before we can unveil its Ikeaness.

Here is a sunset we had one night this week. See, if you squint real hard it's like I took this down by Mission Bay.

This gator was spinning in front of Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney. I have to tell you that I have gotten the cute alligator fever just like all the other southerners here. I have a surprise coming to Crooked Tiara soon and it involves one of these cuddly things and YOU!


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Connie R. said...

First rode that tram in 1983 on my way to bootcamp in Orlando! First plane ride too. Don't know if it's still the same tram, but probably:)