Thursday, June 24, 2010

Woot Shirts

Woot Shirts, originally uploaded by A!ison.

In honor of Wootman, today's picture is of all the Woot shirts I own AND the fact that he gave me invaluable advice today. He told me that I needed to set up sanctuary someplace in the house, a place that I could retreat to when I felt sad or overwhelmed. I figured the most comfortable and familiar area would be my bedroom. So today I made my bedroom a priority, hence my neatly folded stack of t-shirts.

See, every part of this house is foreign to me. The dining room, the kitchen, the living room. Aside from the furniture, it looks nothing like my home EXCEPT the bedroom. The furniture is set up almost exactly the way we've always set it up. If I lay in bed, I could easily imagine I was anywhere.

So thanks for the recommendation Wootman. It does make me feel better.


Rev Roo said...

That is cool...let's hear it for "WOOT" ... woot, woot!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wootman is FOREVER your faithful least until I get more than 15 shirts, then "No soup for you!"...

You are an absolute treasure, don't forget that. And treasure needs to be in a place where pirates can't invade. Your bedroom sanctuary~wise choice, young Wootwalker!

Miss you heaps, though we've been in touch more the last 4 weeks than the last 8 or so prior!

BTW...the S'morse Code T-shirt, which had -'s and .'s made of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers, it said "I love S'mores" :) Asked and answered!